How to Get Comps at a Casino

How to Get Comps at a Casino


A casino is a place where people gamble on games of chance or skill. While musical shows, lighted fountains and shopping centers help draw in the crowds, most of the money that casinos make is from gambling. Slot machines, blackjack, roulette and other table games all contribute to the billions of dollars that casinos bring in each year.

The casino industry is extremely lucrative for the companies, investors and Native American tribes that own and operate them. State and local governments also reap casino revenues in the form of taxes, fees and other payments. Casinos are often regulated and have super-high security to deter cheating and other improprieties.

Casino security starts on the casino floor, where employees watch over the games and casino patrons to spot blatant cheating or other problems. Dealers at card games, for instance, are trained to quickly spot sloppy dealing and suspicious betting patterns. Table managers and pit bosses have a broader view of the games and note how much their tables are winning or losing.

Casinos also track their high rollers and give them extra attention. These big spenders can earn free hotel rooms, meals, tickets to shows and even limo service and airline tickets. If you’re a serious player, talk to a casino employee and ask about comps. They’ll usually be happy to share this information, but it’s important to keep in mind that they may have strict company policies about divulging such info to outsiders.