The Benefits of Casino Gambling

The Benefits of Casino Gambling


Gambling in its various forms, from the casual game of dice with a buddy to the sophisticated table games found at casino, has been part of human society for millennia. There is even evidence of dice in China from 2300 BC, and card games came to prominence around 500 AD. It wasn’t until the 1400s that a game still played in many casinos today, blackjack, first made an appearance on the scene.

Despite the seedy reputation associated with casinos, there are actually several positive effects on local economies from legalized gambling. As more people come to a casino they spend money on food, beverage, hotels and tourist attractions, which in turn helps the casinos’ employees as well as the businesses that serve them. Studies have shown that the unemployment rate in communities with casinos is lower than in those without them, and wages are higher as well.

Casinos also provide jobs for a variety of workers, including dealers, security personnel and floor employees. Those who are frequent players, often referred to as “good” players, can sometimes receive free hotel rooms, meals or tickets to shows through a program called comps.

Most casinos employ a lot of technology to ensure fair play for their patrons. For example, some roulette wheels are now equipped with built-in microcircuitry that can monitor the amount of each bet minute by minute, and video cameras are routinely used to verify the honesty of dealer behavior.