The Casino Job Hierarchy

The Casino Job Hierarchy

A casino is a public place where a variety of games of chance can be played and gambling is the primary activity. In addition to tables, card games and electronic gaming machines, casinos often have restaurants, stage shows, and dramatic scenery to entice players. Some states prohibit casino gambling, but many allow it on Indian reservations and other areas exempt from state antigambling laws.

Casinos rely on mathematical odds to give them a house edge over the patrons. In addition, they offer comps to their most loyal customers, which can include free hotel rooms, meals and drinks, and even limo service and airline tickets. Comps are offered for high-spending players, called whales, to encourage them to continue playing and generating revenue for the casino.

The opulent accoutrements and high stakes of casino gambling make them a mecca for both tourists and businesspeople. But casinos are also the sites of numerous security and fraud concerns, including everything from counterfeit money to credit card fraud to illegal gambling operations. Casinos employ a wide range of equipment to combat these issues, from cameras and security monitors to document boxes and paper shredders.

The employee hierarchy in a casino varies depending on the size of the facility, but there are some ubiquitous roles. At the top is the casino manager, who oversees all operations and makes final decisions. Below him are department managers, such as the floor manager and table games manager. Then come frontline employees, such as dealers and pit bosses.